Antares offers a wide array of custom flap sizes and shapes, as well as seat widths (E, L and XL), and seat depths, to fit every leg length and shape of rider, as well as offering different panel thickness (M10, M15 and M20) to accommodate different width horses. The Antares team has created the DTA50 panels (which distribute weight evenly over the back) as well as the first memory foam panels (D3D). 




Butets comes in whole sizes only, with  standard or forward flaps (designated as .5), various flap lengths (0 being short, 1 standard, 2 long, and 3 extra long), and flat (P) or deeper (L) seats.  The deep seat Butet is about equivalent to a half-deep in CWD or Devoucoux.  Butets frequently vary in seat size by 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from the stamped size so always determine the actual seat size - both desired and in the saddle you are considering.




CWD come in several models, seat depths, flap lengths 1 through 5, and standard (L) or forward (C) flaps. The tree is usually a standard medium-wide, and various panel configurations can be used to change the fit.  The leather may be grain (most durable), calf (soft and grippy but still with excellent durability) or buffalo (the softest and most grippy). Most CWDs also have an integrated panel which offers a refined close contact for the rider.  Another nice feature frequently found is the RT designation.  This indicated the front panels under the scapula have been contoured to allow greater freedom through the scapula. CWDs feature a 3 point girthing system, wide panels that are concave and integrated for a better pressure distribution of the saddle along the horse's back, and a higher cut sweat flap to reduce bulk under the riders leg. 




Devoucouxs come in whole and half seat sizes and flap lengths 0 through 5.  Grain/calf, full calf, and buffalo leather are all options. Devoucoux has 4 "grades" of forwardness, with D being the straightest, no letter associated with the flap length being standard, A being forward and AA being very forward.  Other nice Devoucoux features are the R designation - this indicates the flap behind the riders leg has been contoured, to allow the rear block to be positioned farther back, useful for riders who feel they "run into" the rear block - and the "B" designation, indicating a flap with more forwardness on the bottom of the knee roll area, which is terrific for riders who are long hip to knee.




  • Flap lengths are relative to the seat size for Delgrange, so flap numbers work differently than on Antares, Devoucoux, or CWD. The following chart for Delgrange saddles may be helpful:
Seat size Standard flap Other flap options Special order only flap options
16 1 2 0
16 1/2 2 1 or 3 4
17 3 2 or 4 5
17 1/2 4 3 or 5 6
18 5 4 6